Symphony N2 (2019)

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bass, bassoon, cello, clarinet, flute, french horn, full orchestra, oboe, percussion, strings, trombone, trumpet, viola, violin
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts, Installation, Other
Work premiered
April 2010
Venue of the premiere
United Kingdom
28 minutes

Awarded for “innovation in sound” and “composition”.

structured n 3 different pieces, various ensembles. The set-up of the orchestra is preferebly in mirror (my concept), but can be traditional. The first 2 movements are played only by certain groups in the orchestra.

Mvt 1 "tempete ensoleillee" (14 strings), mvt 2 "le chant nocturne" (ensemble, 12), mvt 3 "le labyrinthe assassine" (symphonic orchestra) refer to link for details