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Website Terms of Use

This website gives the user the possibility to create and edit a personal profile for his/her own benefit. It allows users to publish textual and multimedia contents. Each user, through his/her profile, has the possibility to edit and to publish (under his/her own responsibility): personal texts, images, photos, documents, scores, audio and video files; and to apply to calls organized through the ULYSSES Platform.

A user profile contains public information shown on a public page and private information that can be used when he/she submits an application to a call through the ULYSSES Platform, or in communication with other members of the platform.
Profile Portfolio section: information contained in the portfolio section is confidential. All the data, documents contained in this space are accessible only to the user.
Profile Works section: any user can upload his/her works to share them with the community. Only users of the ULYSSES Platform can access those works. Works can be made public or private (hidden to the other members) only by the owner of the work and by choosing his/her profile preferences.

Call section: any data, documents, or information that a user adds to his/her application is made accessible to the competition administrator and the jury members of the competition the candidate chose to apply to.

The user is the only person responsible for the content of his/her personal profile, or his/her application data (texts, images, audio files, video files, community updates, ...)

The user always has the possibility to update, modify, or delete his/her personal profile at any time.

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