Julia Pajot is a composer researcher. The only artist creator in a scientific family, she approaches her work analytically. Awarded for most concert and film works, she judged on Annies Awards 2017 music committee, voting for Spirit and Annies. Pianist and dark dramatic/coloratura soprano, she started piano at 8 with her mother, entering junior GSMD 4 years later where she learned composition, earning a composition Bmus from Oberlin Conservatory and Mmus from Royal Academy of Music. Forming an extensive repertoire from solo to orchestra, her works follow her proverb “Music is the organisation of sound, its design and structure in still, moving or narrative objects”.
Preselected for doctoral contract at 2019 SACRe (France), her crossmodal music linguistics initiated in 2007 delegates senses to sound in proprioceptive scan of environment where plastic and sensory objects are defined by [texture (∑) = synthesis (particles)].
Her philosophy is a tree both connecting and innovating tradition, bridging to body-field detailed through her theory code. It is rooted in tradition, but its “leaves” renovate this latter in material, disrupting traditional understanding of environment by new creative, hence perceptive codes, mapping different disciplines (arts, sciences…). It is the deconstruction of the global perception of an object, or creation of its individual elements to obtain a totality. Technology represents an augmentation of human, orchestral exoskeleton in her art.Her research in conception, orchestration and notation is based on wave-particle duality and multisensory integration where art objects are waves and matter formed of particles organized in spacetime, physically moving or relatively changing through sensory-kinetic pursuit.
Solely instrumental, her music is a communication of a coded message from environment to subject interpreters and public through crossmodal (single soundwork based on model) or multimodal (combination of sound with other sensory modalities) works relating all arts in a Total Art. It is a physicochemical genesis of objects which signals are represented as graphic or other linguistics (ECG, EEG, painting, score…) coded in symbols of spatiotemporal properties analyzed by different senses and recreated during perceptive experience.
She lived in Tokyo (1986), Austin Texas (88), Stavanger Norway (91), London UK (94), Houston Texas (2001), Oberlin OH (Bmus, 05), London (Mmus, 09), Pau France (12), Anglet France (12), holding both a French Scientific Baccalaureate and an American High School Diploma.