Julia Pajot is a composer researcher. The only artist creator in a scientific family, she approaches her work analytically. Awarded for most concert and film works, she judged on Annies Awards 2017 music committee, voting for Spirit and Annies. Pianist and dramatic/coloratura soprano, she started piano at 8 with my mother, entering junior GSMD 4 years later where she learned composition, earning a composition Bmus from Oberlin and Mmus from London Royal Academy. She lived around the world, holding both French Scientific Baccalaureate and American High School Diploma. Her works are scapes of abstract or narrative objects. Preselected for doctoral contract at 2019 SACRe (France), her crossmodal linguistics initiated in 2007 is both an artistic modeling and socio-politic and physical esthetics, based on a physicochemical theory coded by a total alphabet aiming development of art and therapies/prosthesis.