The only artist creator in a scientific family, Julia Pajot approaches her works analytically. Pianist and dramatic/coloratura soprano, she started piano at 8 with my mother, entering junior GSMD 4 years later where she learned composition, earning a composition Bmus from Oberlin and Mmus from London Royal Academy. She grew up and lived around the world, holding both a French Scientific Baccalaureate and American High School Diploma. She then spent years developing a crossmodal theory she initiated in 2007 with the perception of physical phenomena, later learning various film and visual crafts which main examples include animation and design with artists at DreamWorks, sound mixing with Gary Bourgeois and editing with Charles Maynes who helped her in the développement of an instrumental layout and specialization, as well as Arno Stephanian for foley art. She then developed a chemistry of psychological objects with novelist and animator-director Tom Weston, alongside a graphic score notation and an artistic theory relating waves together. In summer 2021, she initiated an extremely detailed process on the graphic code geometry with mathematician Thierry Coulhon and on the relation between optics and acoustics as well as quantum theory with physicist Rémi Carminati. She judged on Annies Awards 2017 music committee, still voting for Spirit and Annies. Her works models abstract or narrative objects representing matter explored in time, coded as a total alphabet aiming to connect science and art as well as developing medical therapies and prosthesis. It was pre-selected for doctoral contract at 2019 SACRe (France).

I grew up in Tokyo (1986), Austin Texas (88), Stavanger Norway (91), London UK (94), Houston Texas (2001), studied in Oberlin OH (Bmus, 05), London (Mmus, 09), lived in Pau France (12), Anglet France (12), holding both French Scientific Baccalaureate and American High School Diploma.