Gradualism II (2018) for Harpsichord

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With electronics
Work premiered
January 2019
Venue of the premiere
近江楽堂, 新宿区 (Japan)
14 minutes

The basic concept of this piece is the same as the previous piece in the series, "Gradualism 1b", in the form of "variation". Therefore, the basic concept is the same as the previous work, but due to the structural differences between the piano and the harpsichord, it isn't exactly the same as the previous work, and there are some tricks that I tried after examining the structure of the harpsichord.
Another point, in the previous work, there was a clear process of substituting the playing of chords from loud to soft, and thus the beginning and end of the music were clearly defined. But, in this piece, I eliminated such a clear and close process, and aimed to create music with no clear beginning and end, as if I had cut out a part from an endless quietly series of chords.