Two bows (2014/2015) for Violin

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With electronics
Work premiered
February 2015
Venue of the premiere
東京オペラシティ, 新宿区 (Japan)
9 minutes

Limited material. Material that develops, changes somewhat, or does not develop.
In this work, player has two bows, one in the right hand and one in the left hand, and the sound is basically produced by manipulating each bow in the left and right hands (There are a few exceptions where pizzicato is used). The violin should be placed on a table and held in place with a belt, for example.
Now, the instrument itself is also muted (this is the mute that is usually used), and it is always played softly until the last section. However, just before the final section, the mute is removed and the instrument suddenly begins to produce a loud and noisy sound. This process of suddenly releasing what had been restricted is perhaps one of the major characteristics of this work.