Scenery and ornament (2015) for 15 players and 4 assistant performers

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Composed by
chamber orchestra
With electronics
Work premiered
December 2015
Venue of the premiere
東京藝術大学, 台東区 (Japan)
17 minutes

Have you ever had the experience as a child, when you were absent from elementary school due to being in bed with a cold, that time seemed to move slower than usual, or that the ticking of a clock, the sounds of daily life or noise in home seemed to be louder than usual? Remembering this experience from my childhood, I decided on a musical time progression and the materials to be used.
To explain in detail, I composed the whole piece in such a way that it would have the musical time progression that would be making little progress. And there are mostly noises made by extended techniques. I also used the sounds of home appliances such as vacuum cleaner, etc., as materials, based on "daily life sounds," is one of the starting points of the concept of the piece mentioned above.