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Composed by
alto saxophone, cello, clarinet, viola
With electronics
Work premiered
November 2020
Venue of the premiere
Abtei Neumünster, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
5 minutes

Sollbruchstelle" was my submission for the Luxembourg Composition Academy in Novembre 2020, it was performedn by United Instruments of Lucilin

The concept of a predetermined breaking point fascinated me long before I started composing the piece Sollbruchstelle. I was fascinated by the idea that an object is changed by a fracture and only thus can reveal the function for which it is intended. The fracture, which is often given a negative connotation, is what brings about the function in the first place, it is the vehicle to the function. The predetermined breaking points on windows in trains have taken hold of me, as well as the less drastic breaking points on a bar of chocolate.