Together For Beauty Summit OSLO2024

Composed by
Composers for Beauty
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts
Work premiered
June 2024
Venue of the premiere
1500 minutes

From June 5 to 9, 2024, Oslo will be graced with the exceptional gathering of composers, visual artists, and industry experts from around the globe for an inspiring Together for Beauty Summit.

One of its highlight will be the Proclamation Ceremony of the Amor Artium Awards 2024, recognizing outstanding participants from our International Composition Contest. Enriching the celebration, chamber music concerts and solo recitals will showcase the brilliance of composers and performers alike.


An opera will unfold on stage, while open fora and challenging panel discussions invite all to engage in meaningful dialogue.

United under the evocative slogan "Will Beauty Save Us?", this gathering will explore the transformative power of classical artistry.