Permeating Through the Pores of Shifting Planes

Composed by
Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh
With electronics
Music and...
Sound spatialization
Work premiered
June 2019
Venue of the premiere
PICA — Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth (Australia)
20 minutes

This work, Permeating through the Pores of Shifting Planes​, commissioned by Australian percussionist Louise Devenish, is an installation-performance piece that synthesizes this continual unfolding in the co-dependent partnerships between body, gestures, sound, and space.
Conceptually, Permeating is a commentary on shifting landscapes and collapsing borders under the larger context of climate change. The reflection and refraction patterns produced by the silver acetate sheets cast an oceanic atmosphere around the performer to embed an atmosphere of being underwater and drifting, on a quest to find resonances on the planes she comes across.

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