Dhammapada teaching

Composed by
Patrick Ananta Sutardjo
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts
Real-time interaction
Work premiered
February 2024
Venue of the premiere
Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
2 minutes

Get the Dhammapada of Buddha, read and practise it for your happiness and others' happiness so that you will not be reborn in a hell as a sinner, live vegetarian, do not cause any cruelty nor killing of any sentient beings, live harmless, well and pure doing charity, giving liberally especially to those who ask of you when you can give and to the poor and needy, to Brahmanas and Bhikkus of the Buddha, longsuffering, patient, calm and collected, peacefully with love and compassion for the sentient beings, mindfully, bringing happiness in righteousness and justice to the world and its creatures of Prajapati, be blessed, Om mani padme hum.

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