Das frores

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With electronics
Work premiered
April 2023
Venue of the premiere
Casa de Argentina, Paris (France)
9 minutes

Das frores is impressive for its virtuosity, intensity and density. It is based on the cantiga Rosa Das rosas, from the medieval religious songbook Cantigas de Santa Maria. This piece for piano appropriates the different parameters inherent to this basic melody,
to recontextualise them within a current musical dialectic. Without extended techniques, Das frores seeks the limits of what is possible in the pianistic technique encompassing the entire register, the dynamic range, and goes from the rapturous and violent to the deepest calm.
Das frores is part of Copello's first solo album COBRE wich features 7 works from emerging Argentine composers under the premise of exposing the timbre of the instrument and the quest for expansion of the piano technique.