Being in the Way

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Composed by
Natalie Hogue
With electronics
Music and...
Real-time interaction, Computer assisted composition, Sound spatialization
Work premiered
December 2022
Venue of the premiere
Berklee College of Music, Boston (United States)
3 minutes

Being in the Way is a music and art installation that explores interpersonal dynamics and personal space in public. The piece engages with the dialectic between loneliness from social isolation and pandemic agoraphobia, experiences of public violence faced as a transgender woman, and the euphoria of cultivating community.

Being in the Way uses a sculpture, referred to as the The Body, which houses an array of sensors, used quantify the presence, positions, and number of viewers in the space. This sensor data is used both to sequence elements of a probabilistic composition, as well as to provide realtime modulation to timbral and spatialized elements of the piece.

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