Free fall

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Composed by
full orchestra
With electronics
Music and...
Sound spatialization
Work premiered
June 2015
Venue of the premiere
Москва (Russia)
15 minutes

According to the composer, Alina Podzorova, the quote from the novel by Milan Kundera best of all can express internal state of this composition for symphonic orchestra:

"The one who is directed "somewhere above" has to know that once he will begin to whirl the head. What is dizziness? Fear of falling? But why we have the dizziness of head and on the survey tower closed with a protective parapet? No, dizziness is something other, than fear of falling. It is deep emptiness under us that attracts and terrifies, and it seems, this terrible vacuum will absorb us all the same …" …
Milan Kundera
"The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

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