De ni bølgene

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Composed by
Tine Surel Lange
contrabass, flute, guitar, percussion
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
November 2021
Venue of the premiere
13 minutes

For flute/clarinet, guitar, percussion and contrabass/cello

Inspired by nine sisters in Norse Mythology personifying the ocean waves. Norse mythology is characterized by personifications of natural elements, and having nine different wave personifications is a reflection of how important the ocean was at that time. The work consists of nine parts – exploring nine sound worlds – that are to be experienced as a whole.

This piece is part of my ongoing work with sound choreography, where visual material and/or movements are interpreted sonically. In «De ni bølgene» the performers have specific instructions of what and how to play, all connected to cues in the video projection visible to both the performers and audience.

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Tine Surel Lange
Tine Surel Lange