Kubicromie - for Electric Guitar and Piano

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Composed by
Alessio Manega
electric guitar, piano
With electronics
Work premiered
November 2021
9 minutes

Alessio Manega (1990), a young guitarist and composer from Verona, has tried to fuse his two natures in his songs: that of a funk-rock musician and a cultured composer. His Kubicromie, a collage inspired by the work of Frank Zappa, is in fact influenced by an improvisational approach to Rock and Blues, even though the material used is far removed from that world. The electric guitar is skilfully treated by the composer through a rich and sophisticated use of effects: it goes from aggressive Heavy Metal riffs to the lightness of drones and pads that seem to be generated by analogue synthesisers. The piano, almost a drum machine, acts as a backdrop to the guitar, the true protagonist of this track.

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