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bass clarinet, bass flute, cello, contrabass
With electronics
Music and...
Sound spatialization
Work premiered
October 2021
Venue of the premiere
Studiosaal, Berlin (Germany)
19 minutes

Infera (lat. for underneath) stands for phaenomena that lay beneath the threshold of our concious perception. This region beneath the surface influences us constantly, despite being latent in our everyday lives. In this regard it is much like the frequency region of infra-sounds that constantly surround us in our urban environment.

The story of a sleepless night unfolds on stage, in which the oscillation between states of doing and not-doing results in an ever-fleeting state of mind between sleep and wakefulness.

Veronika Heisig (choreography), Ádám Bajnok (composition), Marta Ruszkowska, Bernardita Villaroel (dance), Kristóf Siklósi (bass flute), Takahiro Katayama (bass clarinet), Moritz Kayser (cello), Adam Goodwin (contrabass)

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