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Composed by
Emily Palen
Performed by
bass, drum set, electric organ, keyboard, violin, voice
With electronics
Work premiered
September 2020
3 minutes

"Supernova" is the fourth song from KnightressM1's debut album Dreams & Devastation. This song is a testimony to the eternal impact each human as on the world they leave behind when they cross over to the other side.  The album is composed and led by Emily Palen on violin, vocals and organ. This album is unique in the rock and metal world as it is composed centrally around Emily's violin playing as the lead instrument. Dreams & Devastation was recorded at the Foo Fighter home studio, Studio 606 with chief engineer John Lousteau. Rob Ahlers played drums and Uriah Duffy played bass. KnightressM1 created this album as a complete sonic story of a our ability as humans to tranmute deep suffering into transformational power and beauty.