Der [Kaffee]duft

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Composed by
Hrachya Yessayan
cello, flute, prepared piano, violin
With electronics
Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
September 2018
Venue of the premiere
Chaykovsky (Russia)
8 minutes

Der Duft is translated into English from German as "aroma" or "fragrance."
The sound of a coffee machine is used as a system-forming material of the audio track and
the sound pitch content in the ensemble in this work. Consequently deconstructed and fragmented (including through sound processing), it exhausts itself and reappears again, but in a different form in the audio track, rushing up.
The coffee aroma is considered here as an allegory of the pleasant odours of prayers offered to God, described in the Apocalypse of St.. John (Revelation of John 5:8).

This piece combines the features of timbre development, initiated by electro-acoustic material and combining acoustic techniques with live processing.

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