Vessels (160935 km) - for amplified harp, video and smartphone (2020)

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Composed by
Maja Bosnić
Performed by
With electronics
Music and...
Video, Other
Work premiered
October 2021
Venue of the premiere
SKC, Beograd (Serbia)
9 minutes

In Vessels (160935 km) various kinds of continuous flows of different speeds, densities, and textures, are perplexed. The work was inspired by a fusion of two ideas of continuous flows that define us: imagining blood cells running through vessels in a body, as well as a vehicle driving on the highway. Hence, the title relates to both concepts, it resembles a geographical road sign, but also specifies average length of blood vessels in an adult human body. The work was commissioned by Belgian harpist, Stef Van Vynckt during 2020.