Dai processi alla poetica

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Composed by
string quartet
With electronics
Work premiered
October 2020
Venue of the premiere
Milan Conservatory, Milano (Italy)
11 minutes

There is a very important issue to me that led me to compose this quartet:when composing music,do the compositional processes come before the musical poetics, come before our aesthetic idea, and so do the processes build our poetics or does the opposite happen? Perhaps these processes flow from an aesthetic vision, and therefore the compositional techniques are a consequence of this vision, or the aesthetic vision, the musical poetics are the result of the compositional processes? Is it better to choose a title that helps to describe the compositional processes, or a title that alludes to an extramusical concept, that does not reside in music but in the psycho-emotional or natural world, in the metaphysical sphere and in general in everything that is not musical language?