Composed by
Various composers
cello, clarinet, percussion
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts
Real-time interaction
Work premiered
August 2022
Venue of the premiere
Ghent (Belgium)
35 minutes

JUKEBOX is a concert performed by three musicians playing new music within a special installation where the audience plays the most important role. The concert is dedicated to children (8 - 11 years) and their role of listening is explored in many different ways. Are your ears musical instruments? Where does the concert take place when there is no stage? Can your ear guide you to move freely in the concert space when there are no chairs? What is your favourite listening position? How can you make music out of a sound just by listening differently? When you find yourself in an unusual situation, how well do you listen to your ears? An intuitive musical parkour animated by the video installation in which the audience can move freely and be guided by its spatial hearing instincts.