Maximum Mixtures for 4 Players (2016)

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cello, clarinet, flute, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
June 2017
8 minutes

Sunghyun Lee - Maximum Mixtures
for Flute, Clarinet, Violin and Violoncello (2016)

Sunghyun Lee (B.1995)

I. Overlap - Breakup - Overlap - Breakup...
II. Juxtapose?

This piece is a “compositional practice” to me. While I was studying some works of C.Debussy and I.Stravinsky, I decided to write a piece with techniques I learned from them.
So in 1st movement I want to deal with the “superposition“ and ”dissolution“ and in 2nd movement with the ”juxtaposition“ and ways of ”themetic“ development.