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Composed by
Ajtony Csaba
alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, guitar, percussion, piano, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, viola
With electronics
Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
August 2019
Venue of the premiere
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Victoria (Canada)
13 minutes

Gossamer, the fine cobweb used for kiting that floats in the air during late summer and fall, is a symbol for the utmost endurance and infinite fragility. While the toughness of its material exceeds Kevlar, its weightless and protracted descent is the embodiment of slow-motion. It is symbolic for a time experience where extreme calm lengths and short bursts of accumulated energy alternate. Gossamer II is an octet comprised of two simultaneously played quartets, dedicated to Tsilumos Ensemble and Quasar Saxophone Quartet. The piece is playable as two separate quartets and as an octet likewise.

It uses a simple music notation for select body motion segments of musicians that is part of the musical vortex. 

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