Wenjie Hu, Currently studying composition with Professor Guo Long, and in master classes and workshops with internationally renowned composers such as Akira Nishimura, Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Mauro Lanza, Stefan Prins, Martin Matalon and Michael Pelzel etc.

His works have been selected for composition competitions and festivals around the world, including the 2022 International Composition Competition "Luciano Berio", the 8th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival in Russia, the Mixtur Festival in Barcelona, the CEME International New Music Festival in Israel, and the 9th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival in Russia.The works have also been performed by groups and performers around the world, such as the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME), the Vertixe Sonora, the MEITAR Ensemble. Successful solo concert in Chengdu, China in June 2022.

In addition to this, he has been commissioned by many famous foreign performers to write new works for them, and his works have been successfully performed in the United States, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, China and other countries. Personal website: wenjiehu.org