SOL REZZA creates immersive sound spaces where audio spatialization plays a fundamental role in storytelling.

A composer, sound designer and audio engineer, she works in various fields related to sound; from live performances, experimental compositions for radio to the creation of atmospheres/environments and/or sound effects for digital media, video games, films as well as installations.

Her practice develops between art, psychoacoustics and technology. She explores how we perceive time and space through our senses and how sounds influence that perception.

Her work has been part of MUTEK Montreal (2020), Festival Tsonami (2019), Radiophonic Places Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (2019), Radio Art residency Radio Corax (2018), Hörspiel Sommer Leipzig (2016), Muestra Fase 7 (2016), CTM Festival (2015), HÖRLURS Festival (2013), Sonophilia Lincon’s Festival (2014), Nacht Radio Festival Radio Arts Space (2012), Electronic Language International Festival FILE (2011), Netaudio London Festival (2011), Soundwave Festival (2011), IV Muestra Monográfica de Media Art (2010), In Sonora V (2009), Toshare – Piamonte Share Festival (2009).

She has conducted workshops and talks related to different aspects of the production and realization of experimental sound works, audio spatialization and audio engineering in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Spain. She currently lives and works in Argentina.