Johnny Tomasiello is a multidisciplinary artist and composer living and working in NYC.
Tomasiello approaches sound making not only through his choice of instruments, but by pushing the technical limitations of the musical systems employed, and questioning their validity and truth. His work is malleable, and is informed by extensive research into history and technology, neuroscience, and political movements.  He uses that knowledge to develop significant, collaborative works that examine new means of production.

In his work, he combines disparate disciplines, and is constantly challenging what he understands, tearing down conventional ideas and rebuilding again.  He is eager to understand the why as well as the how, weaving mindfulness and meaningfulness into his work by experimenting and designing original instruments, to create new truths and a restructuring of values.

Evidence, education and research are integral aspects of Johnny’s projects as seen, for example, in his exploration of how humans interact with, and are affected by, the external world on a physiological level.
Drawing on bespoke and custom-built instruments and software, he references the present sociopolitical landscape, using music and new technologies as important mechanisms of expression and identity. His projects are an embodiment of “living art” that is of service to people and society.   
He started his academic career as a painter.  Interested in the connections between science and art, he completed a BS degree in cognitive science/psychophysics and was awarded a research grant at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, Medical School. His thesis was entitled "Musical Stimuli and its Effects on Human Physiology".  In a broad sense, that research was the beginning of a lexicon for sound and color, defining auditory and visual stimuli through its quantitative effects on human physiology.

Throughout his career, he has looked to the shared characteristics between art and science for inspiration.  His personal work is decidedly post-modern, and sometimes ironic - balancing social and historical references with allegorical storytelling, designed to provoke awareness and critical thinking. He has performed his sound works at various community spaces and organizes live performances and workshops. He will be participating in a show sponsored by Harvestworks on Governor’s Island NY, in 2021.

Tomasiello is continuously working on new music for independent release and composing music for television and film.  His experience, skill set and sense of humor support an individual ideology