Lucie Betz is a French artist based in Freiburg, Germany. She comes from a visual art and installation background (Beaux-Arts de Paris), which she uses to enhance and inform her long-time concentration in Butoh dance (worked with dancers Atsushi Takenouchi, Masaki Iwana, Lèon Cats Baril (Cie Carlota Ikeda) and later, Gyohei Zaitsu, Makiko Tominaga (Cie Dairakudakan…).

She has traveled many times throughout Central America and India to discover her own creative process through encounter and interaction with other cultures.

She performs mostly solo improvisation, outside doors, in theaters, galleries, in collaboration with musicians and international artists.
She teaches since 10 years classes in Freiburg and gives Workshops mostly in Germany.
Lucie organized 2 Butoh Festivals in Freiburg/ Strasbourg and Basel together with Flavia Ghisalberti (2010 & 2012). In 2011, she founded the Company Nuage Fou (crazy cloud) and opened a new space for Butoh & Art; Theater Nuage Fou in Freiburg. She created her own pieces, choreographed group performances, worked as Butoh dancer in dance projects, theater productions and meet other artist mostly in improvisation field.
Lucie Betz is looking for the space between "Abstraction & Reality,” and how it reflects what is happening in the physical body. This entails a discipline of searching for unknown movement and listening for resonances – resonances in the space inside the body, on the body’s surface and the surrounding environment.

Some work: „Never done Nothing“ (Butoh performance for 4 dancers - Choreography Gyohei Zaitsu – Festival ButohOFF Theater Nuage Fou Freiburg - 2014), „Der Tribun“ Mauricio Kagel (Direction Sybille Fabian - E-Werk Freiburg 2015), „Kaspar c´est moi!“ Creation Freiburg 2016 (Festival Aurillac, Paris 2018). Improvisations 2019 „Riss“ with Makiko Tominaga, „Don´t believe“ with Joan Laage & Thomas Schoch (Theater Nuage Fou Freiburg – 2019) „Endlich Kollektiv“ (with musicians Geneviève Mégier & Thomas Schoch - Theater Nuage Fou Freiburg - 2020).

Invitation on international Festivals: Solo at the Rotonde Québec, Canada (2012), ButohOFF Solo at Warteck Basel, Switzerland (2012), I-CAMP Solo München, Germany (2013), FIbutoh Santiago de Chile, Chile (2015), SommerTanzWoche – Ulm, Germany (2016), TANZ VOR ORT Perf. with Maurin Bonnet, Freiburg (2016), STAMP Group Perf. Hamburg (2017), TAMBURI MUNDI Perf. with Takashi Tajima - Freiburg (2017), BUTÔ FESTIVAL 2018 Solo in Bertin Poiré Paris (2018). ONE Festival für Improvisation Solo in Südufer Freiburg (2019).

Since 2018, she is working aswell as Clinic Clown in Freiburg.