Liz is a current member of NyMusikk composer community in Norway and a recipient of A.G. Francis Prize for Composition in 2019, awarded by Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, where she studied under Dr. Erik Griswold.

In 2020, Liz completed her diploma studies in composition and applied music theory at Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo with composers Bente Leiknes Thorsen, Kjell Habbestad and music theorists Anders Tykesson and Peter van Tour.

As an experienced artist, Liz successfully transitioned to the world of academic music after multiple years of studying the disciplines of visual arts.

Professionally, Liz have a various experience in leadership/management and had worked as Front of House Duty manager at Queensland Conservatorium 2016-2018, as a producer assistant and artist coordinator for the Stavanger Chamber Music Festival in 2019 and curated new music events both in Australia and Norway between 2018 and 2020.

Currently, Liz is a freelancing artist focusing on chamber, choral and experimental music as well as expanding her expertise in multimedia and multidisciplinary art.

Her recent involvements include participation in IMPULSE New Music Festival 2020 (CA, US) with Jacqueline A. Rolle Memorial Scholarship; reMusik contemporary music forum 2020; Art, Research and Creation Opus aka ARCO (FR) 20-21; DARMSTÄDTER FERIENKURSE (DE) 20-21; Impuls Academy in Graz 2021, Nief Norf new music festival 2019 (TN/USA); Ung Nordisk Musikk (UNM) 2021 in Aarhus, Anemoi Wind Quintet (AU); Women of Noise 2018- (AU) participation and organisation under leadership of multitalented Phoebe Bognar, and a variety of solo collaborations and projects with individual artists she meets on her journey.

Liz aspires to explore the potential of the contemporary arts and promote new talents and movements. She strongly believes in power of contemporary art as a political and societal vessel that connects people of different background and inspires diversity, inclusion and freedom of expression. Liz also hopes to bring storytelling and experimental concepts to a new level and broaden the horizons of contemporary music/art with her practice of these disciplines.