Riccardo Acciarino was born in Milan, Italy in 1997. Multifaceted musician, he ranges between opposite musical genres, playing clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and piano. He is graduated at the
Verdi Conservatory of Milan with full marks and honours. In 2020 he is one of the firsts in Italy to achieve a Master in Bass Clarinet with full marks and honours. In 2021 he achieved the master in
contemporary music of the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt. He won national and international competitions including the 2019 Milan Conservatory Award as the best wind instrument player of the institute. In 2020 he also won the scholarship as one of the best students of all the departments.
His international concert career ranges from solo instrument performances to orchestral ones. He worked with some of the best orchestra conductors (such as D. Gatti, D. Rustioni, Y. Sugiyama, M. Mariotti, S. Asbury, J. Stockhammer etc.) playing with leading youth and professional orchestras (Filarmonica della Scala, Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali, Ensemble Modern Orchestra,
Orchestra Sinfonica del Conservatorio di Milano etc.).
Extremely active in the contemporary music landscape, he has worked with composers of the calibre of H. Lachenman, A. Corghi, B. Furrer, G. Benjamin, G. Manzoni, F. Filidei, L. Francesconi, H. Goebbels, S. Gervasoni, S. Gorli, A. Solbiati, K. Shin, G. Staebler, M. Beil, R. Cendo etc. always collecting appreciations also during the performances with some of the most important contemporary ensembles (Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern, Divertimento Ensemble, MDI Ensemble, Syntax Ensemble etc.)
He won the audition of the International Ensemble Modern Academy in 2020 and he was invited to play with Ensemble Modern and Heiner Goebbels at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and at the Hessischer Rundfunk for the project “British Composers” with Jonathan Stockhammer.
He performed and recorded with the LUFT trio the first by heart execution ever made of “SWAP” by Michael Beil, which expressed great enthusiasm about it.
In 2020 he has been selected by Ulysses Network as one of the promising performers of the year and invited to participate in projects across Europe, like at the MIXTUR FESTIVAL 2021 in
Barcelona, in which he performed new world premières dedicated to him.
In 2021 he won the audition of the IRCAM Ulysses Ensemble, being invited to play in France at the MANI-FESTE festival with Ensemble Intercontemporain and Pierre Bleuse, at the Fondation
Royaumont with Jean-Philippe Wurtz and in Barcelona at the Mixtur festival with Beat Furrer.
In 2019 the composer Simone Cardini dedicated him the piece for solo bass clarinet "Respiro, Aneliti", which he premiered in the Rondò 2019 season of Divertimento Ensemble. This collaboration continued in 2021 with the piece “Sul Limitare del Mio Sguardo” for solo bass clarinet, premiered at the Mixtur Festival of Barcelona. In the same occasion Acciarino premiered “Argot II ” by Antonio La Spina for solo bass clarinet and electronics and “In Between” by Merve Erez for solo bass clarinet, both dedicated to him.
In 2021 he won the Divertimento Ensemble competition “Young Performer on Digital Stage”, being included as soloist into a digital concert program made for the new platform: “Divertimento
Ensemble Digital Stage”. He has performed international premieres by composers such as Niccolò Castiglioni, Emanuel
Pimenta, Diana Soh, Simone Cardini, Antonio La Spina etc. and he recorded concerts, CDs, DVDs
and radio programs with RAI, IRCAM, Limen Music, Hessischer Rundfunk, Stradivarius, Compagnia Colla, Awen Films, Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan.
As composer in 2020 he wrote and produced the opening theme of the talk show "Just Talk", of the leading company in its sector 4BILD. In 2021 he composed, produced and recorded the jingle and the soundtrack for the series “4BILD: Imprese”, ranging from rock to classical and pop music.
At the EarFest of Duisburg 2021, organized by renowned composers G. Staebler and K. Shim, he presented his composition for clarinet and electronics "Frottole Friabili," which has aroused great appreciation.
In 2021 he won the SoC association's call for proposals for a research project funded by the Zürich University of the Arts, and thus began his academic research path, with the intention of working on listening tension and the creation of more inclusive and innovative music programmes.
He regularly collaborates with national and international festivals and associations, for solo recitals, and chamber/orchestral programs of all kinds. Among the most important: ManiFeste Paris, Mixtur
Festival, Pontino Festival, Morellino Festival, Società Del Quartetto, Milano Musica, Società Umanitaria, La Società dei Concerti, MITO, Fondation Franz Listz, Ambrosoli Foundation,
Klangspuren Schwaz Festival, 180° festival Sofia, EarFest etc.