Alessandro Guerri started to study music at nine years old,attending the drum course of his home town's music school. Since 2004 he played with several experimental noise projects in Italy and abroad,recording and producing official releases distribuited in Europe and overseas. Between 2014 and 2016 he releases three electronic music Ep supported and distributed from italian and international indipendent labels: _"La Sonida Repetita",Corresponding Positions (Berlin),April 2016 _“waragi”,Concrete Records (Rome), February 2015 _“# of matches”, Soluxion Records(Bologna/Berlin), April 2014 In March 2015 he got his electronic music degree at Conservatoire "G.Rossini" of Pesaro with his thesis "Projectual Strategies for an Interactive Software-Structuring Relationships between Musician and Algorithm",presenting his own project Agumenta,an interactive musical software for the augmented musical performance. Between 2015 and 2017 he curated sound installations for art hexibitions organized to present the book "La Pantera Sotto il Letto" of Mara Cerri and Andrea Bajani,edited by Orecchio Acerbo. Now is getting his electronic music master degree at "G.Verdi" Conservatoire of Milan with a thesis based on developing audio processing techniques through machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms .

Alessandro Guerri gained experiences in sound engineering working for the audio-video service centre of Conservatoire G.Verdi of Milan,recording string quartets,symphonic orchestra and jazz big bands. He developed custom audiovideo software using maxmsp,jitter and Touchdesigner,based on specific client requests. He realized music videoclips and audio-video sync works for privates. He performed live electronics using ableton live and max msp in several poetry readings He contributed to organize electronic music events,workshops and music studios for children. some of his acousmatic music pieces was selected by italian electroacustim music festivals. Finally,he developed machine learning algorithms for marketing surveys.