Showcase - Showdown #3

Call for #keywords


Submission period

Wed Oct 2, 2019 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Sat Nov 30, 2019 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sat Feb 29 at 5 PM UTC
The Showcase-Showdowns bring several creations together, several heterogenous apparitions, within a unique project, in the sense that their natures and fonctions are quite varied (promotional, theoretical, spectacular, ...). The project comes both to extend and redefine my formal approach of composition and the overall conception of my work indeed.

The Showcase-Showdowns stand as a critical and self-critical updating which exceed any mockery to reach some deeper layers of socio-æsthetic reflexion : the essential interaction (or non-interaction?) between practice and institutional policy, between the making momentum and the pro-motion, from good speed to glory aspiration to not a thing.

Hereby, it is the limits of the system TRANS — disciplines, genres, texts, medias, etc... that are questionned through their possible links with artistic identity and signature, crafts and culture, logics and transcendence. The generic prototypes that show up intentionally drift in between absurd and fancy. At least in theory... The meticulous articulation and arrangement of the various apparatus conceived with Axelle Terrier and developped with different collaborators is to strive for transforming these emited singularities into admited vibrations. For who ? For how many ? When the chips are down ?

The present call for keywords fulfills the third apparatus of the Showcase-Showdown project and in that sense purchases a reflexion that can be rendered through somesuch hypothesis: whereas the transæsthetic approach of art creation has impelled artists since always, there must be specific conceptual and/o phenomenal qualities that encompass the artistry of our time. If Showcase-Showdown exhibits a personal and half-critical answer through its fanciful generic arrangements, the idea of collecting a potentially wide range of other key-visions also aims at fostering a heuristic comprehension of our making trends as nurturing an original and free collaborative spirit.

There is no distinctive sine qua non criteria regarding the participation such as age, gender, artistic activity, CV, etc... except that the rules and ethics of the call for keywords as the general issues of the Showcase-Showdown project should be well considered.

2.RIGHT/WRONG rules (= the rules must be applied with no logical compromising)
*French and/or English language(s) might be used *one single K-list must be submitted per participant
* the K-list can be made out of : verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, in any combinations
* a keyword can be a simple word or a compound word
* tropes and figural speech might be used

Submission form and complete rules are available at web pages: