Opera Prima

International competition for composers and performers


Submission period

Thu Feb 25 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Sep 30 at 10 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Nov 30 at 5 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Registration fee 35 €
The 2Arts section of Open Artelier is holding the first edition of OPERA PRIMA International Competition. The aim of this competition is to promote cooperation and unity among different forms of art, namely between unpublished musical works and visual artworks.
The competition is open to all artists and musicians, from Italy and any other country, without age limit. No academic qualifications or recognized artistic activity are required.

The competition is divided into 2 sections:
Sect. A – Music Group or Soloist
Sect. B – Composers

Each Author can choose to participate in one or both sections of the competition, by submitting one distinct composition for every section. In order to participate to both sections, the Author has to take two different subscriptions. The Authors of both sections A and B can choose among the following music genres: Jazz, Rock, Electronic/Electroacoustic, Modern contemporary.

Details are available at web pages: