Call for videos


Submission period

Mon Dec 18, 2023 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Jan 31 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Thu Feb 15 at 05PM UTC
NO SUCCESS is a new channel of experimental music. It was created by a group of composers and performers of experimental music.

NO SUCCESS invites composers, performers, artists, and musicians to submit videos that fall into the umbrella term “experimental”. 

Videos may or may not include audio.
Videos may be of any length.
Videos may be about anything.
Preference will be given to videos that test something or videos where something is being tested (methodologies, techniques, processes, etc.) 

NO SUCCESS will publish from one up to two videos every two months. For February release submit your video and a short description of the video (max. 200 words) by the 31th of January.
Submission cost: 1 euro (Paypal money transfer to
If selected, both video and description will be published. If selected, you will be notified before the release. If not selected feel free to send us other videos for the following releases.
By submitting your video you give NO SUCCESS permission to upload your own work. Intellectual property rights in and to works will remain the property of the artist. 

Please send to
- Contact Information
- Link to the video (WeTransfer or SwissTransfer for larger files)
- Description in PDF format
- Year of composition
- Paypal Receipt Number or Attachment

NO SUCCESS Facebook page here: