“Artists and Scientists in Residence” at the ligeti center

Call for Applications


Submission period

Wed Jan 31 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Mon Mar 4 at 11PM UTC

Results date

Sun Mar 31 at 04PM UTC
The ligeti center

The ligeti center is a newly established artistic-scientific institution located in Hamburg-Harburg with a mission to bridge the arts, sciences, and innovation and to foster high-level creative dialogue between experts from various disciplines and the audience. The ligeti center was founded in 2023 by the Hamburg University of Music and Theater (HfMT) in collaboration with the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), and the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). As a nod to the avant-garde composer and HfMT professor György Ligeti the acronym also stands for “Laboratories for Innovation and General-audience Edification through the Transfer of Ideas.” The ligeti center has become a meeting point for professional exchange in the fields of music, media, therapy, theater, and technology and accommodates a diverse array of projects. At the center, we are also offering an array of workshops and laboratories across disciplines, aiming for local participation and presenting expert knowledge to diverse audiences.

The Production Lab

The “Production Lab” is the heart of the ligeti center, serving as both a presentation venue and an open production space for cutting-edge artistic and technological endeavors as well as creative exploration. The philosophy of bringing together expertise from the realms of art, science, and technology is fully embodied in the “Production Lab”: from immersive spatial audio to haptics, from cyber instruments to music therapy, and more, it is designed as a hub for interaction and collaboration, a place for crafting imaginative technological solutions while simultaneously prompting critical discourse. As a fully equipped studio space, “Production Lab” provides creators with a range of options for immersive sound production and performance, possible motion capture technologies, VR/XR solutions, and finally, a free space for creative thinking and experimentation.

“Artists and Scientists in Residence” program at the ligeti center

As part of the “Artists and Scientists in Residence” program, the ligeti center will enable interdisciplinary artistic-scientific projects with the clear aim of collaborating with various labs at the center. We cordially invite artists and scientists specializing in sound and multimedia productions to apply for our residency program with a duration of three months, spanning from July to September 2024. In the decision-making process, the jury will consider the novelty of the project, its potential to collaborate with the various labs at the center, and the professional expertise of the applicant. We accept single-author applications as well as applications from artistic-scientific duos. When applying as a duo, we require evidence of prior collaborations in areas such as technical interface development for artistic productions and/or a profound dialogue between artistic and scientific concepts. The fellows are expected to deliver a post-residency talk and present their work and outcome of their projects at the center.

What do we offer?

- A monthly stipend of €1200 net for a single-author residency. In the case of applying as a duo, the monthly sum is €2400.

- Accommodation by the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S at Elbehaus in Hamburg for the length of the residency.

- Technical support and individual technical needs will be provided by the ligeti center staff.

- Motivating working environment and creative exchange.

- Professional documentation of the events related to the residency. An additional opportunity to present the works created during the residency at the annual Blurred Edges Festival.

What do we expect?

- Continuous and ongoing independent artistic activities in multimedia productions, spatial audio, interactive design, media-based practices, and/or experimental sound production (documented in a portfolio and/or CV).

- A cohesive project proposal with the potential to be released within the proposed period of 3 months and the ligeti center technical infrastructure.

- Project proposal should highlight novel perspectives (conceptual perspectives, novel product designs, new technical approaches, etc.) in the aforementioned artistic fields.

- Willingness to collaborate with the various labs on site (motivation letter).

- When applying as a duo: evidence of prior collaborations in areas such as technical interface development for artistic productions and/or a profound dialogue between artistic and scientific concepts.

Details are available at web pages: