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Mon Mar 22 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Sat May 1 at 9:59 PM UTC

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Sat Jul 31 at 4 PM UTC


For projects realized in Germany, France or Switzerland
Impuls neue Musik - Germany, France, Switzerland
We want to continue crossing borders!

We are looking for music projects that contribute to the exchange between the German- speaking and French-speaking linguistic and cultural areas. Through our funding, we would like to network the contemporary music scenes in Germany, France and Switzerland.

With their plurality and diversity of languages and dialects, landscapes and traditions, similarities and contrasts in politics, economics and culture, the two linguistic and cultural areas shape the European continent in their own way. Impuls neue Musik is looking for new personalities who want to act in the field of tension of this cultural space and explore new and unusual paths. Impuls neue Musik would like to facilitate workshops of ideas in which composers, musicians, performers and organisers explore this space of possibilities in order to arrive at cross-border projects - in the sense of national borders and borders between genres and formats - that make the idea of exchange between cultures concrete.

In view of the Corona crisis, which has shaken the international music scenes in the most unprecedented way, we point out that:
- Impuls neue Musik can also promote the development of projects. In this case, a public presentation of the project is not mandatory, but should be aimed for in the long term,
- hybrid projects whose innovative artistic concepts include a genuine reflection on new performance formats are also supported,
- we are also looking for residency and academy projects with a German-French- Swiss focus.

The next application deadline is 1 May 2021. Please refer to the website for the exact funding guidelines (in German and French). Only projects that begin no earlier than 1 August 2021 can be accepted.

Details are available at web pages: