ICU International Composers Contest


Submission period

Wed Feb 24 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Mar 31 at 9:59 PM UTC

Results date

Fri Apr 30 at 4 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Application fee 40 € / 70 €
The International Conductors Union is honoured to announce the ICU International Composers Contest. Especially in the current situation! We believe that building a creative network and bonds between composers and conductors will contribute to the development of classical music. Our goals are to find the new talents, and give them a hand in the realization of their career, bring their beautiful music to the world.

The music of the Contest winners will be performed on June the 3rd 2021 by Odessa Opera Theatre orchestra (Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra). Also on the big stage life in 2021-2022 season.

Also, ICU Council might decide to use this music as an obligatory piece for ICU Conducting Competitions in 2021-2022 – MICM&C, VCM&C and OICC.

The ICU Composers Competition’s doors are opened for all composers over 18 y.o. regardless of their nation!

The Contest is opened for the music of two broad categories – symphonic music and chamber orchestra music. We welcome both not-performed-yet and already-performed music! Already published music won’t be accepted for the competition.

Each composer is allowed to send 3 full scores for each category the maximum. The fee for each submitted composition is 40€ for the chamber orchestra music and 70€ for the symphonic music.

Details are available at web pages: