Creative Music - Improvisation Workshop

Elisabeth Harnik


Submission period

Tue Mar 7 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Tue May 30 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Tue Jun 6 at 04PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Course fee 300 €
Casa Della Musica San Michele, Italy
Dates: 28 July -1 August 2023 (5 days)

CREATIVE MUSIC: improvisation as part of contemporary performance practice
The workshop is open to all musicians (instrumentalists, singers, electronics welcome) interested in improvisation, active in any musical field, of any technical, stylistic and idiomatic background, of any age and with any kind of training, preferably with a good level of technical-instrumental mastery.
The workshop highlights the moment of spontaneous expression, the pleasure of interaction and surprise, the learning of group sensibility, the importance of taking decisions, the power of memory and the joy of creating music in real-time. 

Through deepening material awareness in musical communication, a playful handling of roles and functions of instruments, working with or against instrumental or formal expectations in different chamber formations, the course shows some of the available options in group improvisation, such as f.e. free improvisation, conducted improvisation or Pauline Oliveros’ concept of Deep Listening – a holistic approach, which comprises guided listening exercises, bodywork and dream work. The workshop gives the participants a creative opportunity to co-compose and perform simultaneously as well as to expand and deepen their musicianship in an atmosphere of sharing and mutual learning.

I consider composing and improvising as a kind of interplay between the calculated and the inconceivable: a reflection about a developed sound vocabulary—be it via preconceived or spontaneous interventions—and a tracing of an inner response through listening deeply. I am in a permanent dialogue with my own repertoire and the associated possibilities of structuring time. This way of dedicated awareness of the material constantly accompanies my artistic process.

Elisabeth Harnik

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