The Invisible Wall

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Composed by
Chin-Hsien Chung
With electronics
Music and...
Video, Theatre
Real-time interaction, Improvisation
Work premiered
January 2022
Venue of the premiere
Alte Feuerwache Köln, Köln (Germany)
15 minutes

In 2020, coronavirus has transformed the way we communicate. Due to the increasing severity of the epidemic, life now has changed. The usual face-to-face meeting is not allowed.

Invisible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Visible doesn’t mean it’s real. For example, the signal exists but it’s not visible to the naked eye. We can see the news but it might be rumors or fiction rather than facts.

When you face the invisible wall, why the view starts to blur?

Why can’t you see yourself clearly? Why can’t you be yourself honestly?

Imagine, the invisible wall could be your transparent protective cover but not the outer wall that imprisons the real you.

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