Land reliefs

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Composed by
Ksenia Bakhtina, Roman Smirnov
With electronics
Music and...
Video, Installation
Computer assisted composition, Sound spatialization
Work premiered
September 2021
5 minutes

Ksenia Bakhtina, Roman Smirnov
Max/MSP, Touchdesigner, Ableton, GIS, Mind Monitor, Muse

The idea of ​​the project in the course of work with neural interfaces that transmit brain signals. The visual similarity between the graph of brain activity and the landscape of the earth became the starting point for the art work, which became a sound installation. Artists combined and converted into sound data from brain scans, and graphs formed natural landscapes based on photographs of the area.
Graphs obtained with the help of the neural interface consume the landscape from themselves and are accompanied by brain wave activity. By changing our state, we can control many waves by changing the sound. The project is presented in video audio and video documentation.

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