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Composed by
Gabriel Xavier
percussion, tenor saxophone, trumpet
With electronics
Sound spatialization
Work premiered
December 2018
Venue of the premiere
São Paulo (Brazil)
10 minutes

The revolver cylinder roll: a metaphor of the principle of pleasure: from the satiety of the desire a new impulse is born. In the metaphor, voluptuousness revolves in search of ammunition, identified in the Other. Simulation comes into play. In the show where “the true is a moment of the false”, promises, expectations, symbols, clusters of signs are created. The shots fired at each other, by reverting violence in donation, measure the outcome of the game, calculate the imagery efficiency, postulate the ever new limit. 

As Guy Debord confirm: the redundant affirmation of the enjoyment of this world is produced, precisely, as a pseudosatisfaction that preserves, in itself, repression.

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