Flagey’s mission is to restore the Art Deco building to its past prestige as the country’s radio and television HQ. Once again, it is a world-class centre run by both language communities and devoted to music and the moving image. Flagey is where different artistic disciplines can meet, exchange ideas, discover one another and work together. Jazz, world, classical and contemporary music are played here, but film and video also feature prominently, with frequent encounters between these worlds. The acoustic qualities of the building make it a key player both in Brussels and the whole of Belgium. Flagey was born of a bold joint initiative by representatives of the country’s three communities with the aim of creating a quality cultural institution that is European in scope. The Flagey ponds are surrounded by grand townhouses, the building is also part of a lively working-class area. Our aim is to include everyone in our programming, and make the success of Flagey a bonus for the whole neighbourhood.