Tze Yeung Ho (b. 1992) is a Norwegian-Canadian composer of Cantonese descent residing in Estonia. He is a co-founder of Ensemble +47, a sinfonietta for contemporary music based in Oslo. Tze Yeung is, as well, the chairman of the Norwegian chapter of the UNM (Ung Nordisk Musikk - Nordic Youth Music) festival from 2019 and the current treasurer for the ​Periferien - nyMusikk Oslo concert series.

Tze Yeung represented Norway in the UNM (Ung Nordisk Musikk) festival of 2015 held in Helsinki, where his saxophone concerto 'ingest thrice, as prescribed;' received its premiere by the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra (FI). He represented Norway in the same festival again in 2018 with his chamber operetta in collaboration with writer Linda Gabrielsen, jeg gir faen i magnoliaen? in Bergen (described as "an exercise in extremes" - James Black in Seismograf, DK). He is the first prize recipient of Land's End Ensemble's 17th annual composition competition. Some highlighted activities include his participation as a resident artist in the PRAKSIS interdisciplinary arts program developed in Oslo, collaboration with Heidi Dahlsveen in the project 23.27 at the Fortellerfestival 2017 (Norwegian Storytelling Festival), development of Gjennom Garden, a theatre work for boys' choir and percussionist, with Norwegian dramaturge Marius Kolbenstvedt, and his involvement in an opera project with the Oslo National Art Academy (KHiO) in the Ultima Festival. Tze Yeung has worked with an array of performers and artists in different facets, including the NyNorsk messingkvintett (NO), [instead] ensemble (RU), Fie Schouten (NL), Elisabeth Hetherington (NL/CA), Matti Pulkki (FI), Caroline Hausen (DE), Avanti! Chamber Orchestra (FI), MolOt Ensemble (RU), Ukho Ensemble (UA), Orkest de ereprijs (NL), Rolston Quartet (CA), Heidi Dahlsveen (NO), Thirty Fingers Trio (LT), Honghong Zheng (NO/ZH), Decho Ensemble (US), Michael Bridge (CA) and so forth. A selection of Tze Yeung's scores are available at NB Noter, the new music publications of the Norwegian National Archives, and as well at the Canadian Music Centre. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto and a master's degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music. Tze Yeung is currently completing his PhD studies in composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Tze Yeung is an associate composer of:
The Norwegian Society of Composers
nyMusikks Composers' Group
Canadian Music Centre
Hong Kong Composers' Guild

His former and current mentors include Gary Kulesha, Trond Reinholdtsen, Lars Petter Hagen, Asbjørn Schaathun, Alexander Weinstangel, Helena Tulve and Toivo Tulev.

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Relatable to many second generation Cantonese immigrants in Europe, Tze Yeung spent a significant part of his childhood living in the corner of his family's restaurant. His parents supplied him with a television, a VCR player accompanied by tapes of Moomin dubbed in either Cantonese or Norwegian, an improvised bed consisting of three restaurant chairs (which were taken away and into use when there were too many customers) and a little shelf with books and toys. Amidst the hustle and bustle between the kitchen and the dining area, the little corner attracted curious diners in Alta, then a sleepy town of slightly over ten-thousand inhabitants in the most northerly county of Norway. Meanwhile, memories of the buzzing sounds from the refrigerators, fryer and machineries in the kitchen could be recalled more realistically. Ruminating on these partly mythologised childhood memories of the Chinese restaurant kitchen, of being a neighbour to a family of bakers and of being his classmates' only friend of a different background has impacted Tze Yeung's thoughts on composition.

Tze Yeung currently splits his time between Tallinn, Oslo and Helsinki.