Free Schenkerian Analysis Workshop for Instrumentalists


Submission period

Wed Oct 28 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Nov 20 at 9:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sun Nov 22 at 5 PM UTC
# Online Introductory Workshop on Schenkerian Analysis

The Instrumental Music Education and Research Laboratory (IMER) at European University Cyprus, in collaboration with (Helsinki), is inviting applications to a two-session introductory workshop on Schenkerian Analysis, to take place in December 2020.

This informal online workshop is addressed to musicians with limited or no experience in the subject. Instrumental instructors and ensemble players are especially encouraged to apply.

# Prerequisites

- interest in new vocabularies for exploring, verbalizing, and conveying performance intuitions or intentions
- at least one year (preferably two) of training in harmony or thoroughbass;
- limited or no knowledge of Schenkerian analysis;

# Fees

None. Participation is free of charge.

# Format

Close-reading short classical scores of moderate complexity, the participants will have the opportunity to apply principles of Schenkerian Analysis which help address persistent challenges of studio-based instrumental pedagogy:

- reinforce long-range hearing across bar lines and phrase boundaries;
- explain common problems of tonal tension in performance (e.g. "dead spots");
- elucidate concealed features of the score, whose awareness helps assure a convincing performance.

The workshop will also discuss ways in which Schenkerian techniques may enrich the familiar "gesture-and-grunt system" of instrumental pedagogy, critiqued by the American musicologist Joseph Kerman almost 30 years ago.

# Schedule

- Two synchronous 90-minute meetings in early December
(exact dates to be determined by voting in the application form).

# Optional equipment

Either of the following items would be helpful (but neither is required for participating):

- your musical instrument within arm's reach; - a digital pen tablet.

We regret being unable to accommodate more than 8 participants in the project. Applicants will be notified by 22 November in any case. Please note that selection is not competitive; we are seeking participants with intermediate experience, motivation, and no scheduling conflicts.

Apply and vote for your preferred dates on the project website.

Instructor: Yannis Rammos, Ph.D. (
Piano Faculty, European University Cyprus

Submission deadline: 20 Nov
Results date: 22 Nov

Details are available at web pages: