Stockholm Chamber Brass Academy

31st July to 8th August 2021


Submission period

Fri Nov 13, 2020 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Jan 15 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Mon Feb 1 at 5 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Full course fees are 3250 SEK (including the 500 SEK deposit)
Stockholm Chamber Brass, one of the world’s leading brass ensembles, is delighted to invite applicants for their 6th Academy for Chamber Music and Brass Composition.

The course will include chamber music coaching, concerts for each participating group, individual masterclasses and the opportunity to have a brand new piece written for each group by one of the academy’s composers. It is open to all brass chamber music groups as well as individual participants who have a particular interest in chamber playing.

Running alongside this is the SCB Academy Composers Course led by Mike Svoboda. 5 composers who will have the opportunity to study with Mike and SCB to compose a new work for one of the academy ensembles that will be workshopped every day with the group before it is performed at the end of the course.

Full course fees are 3250 SEK (including the 500 SEK deposit)

Submission period closing dates:
Composers - 15th January 2021
Performers - 1st March 2021

Details are available at web pages: