Master course for composers

Mauro Lanza 26.12.20-4.1.21


Submission period

Wed Sep 23 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Nov 1 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Mon Nov 16 at 5 PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Ragular participation 500 €, online participation 400 €
UPDATE Oct 19th: the course will take place in online format only.

CEME (Contemporary Encounters by Meitar Ensemble) Festival and Master Courses are a unique platform for the promotion of contemporary music and exposure of engaged young musicians to this special musical field. For CEME 2021, the festival’s 10th anniversary edition, we will host the Germany based Italian composer Mauro Lanza. Lanza, a prominent composer has established himself in the last years as a leading composition teacher and was recently elected as Meitar Ensemble’s new composer in residence. In the festival Lanza will make his first appearance in this role and will lead the course’s composition class.

Meitar Ensemble is one of the most prominent contemporary music groups in Israel. For the past ten years the ensemble has been hosting CEME Festival and Master Courses with the purpose of nurturing young musicians who share the love for new music in order to provide them with the tools and the stage to perform exciting contemporary repertory of composers from all over the world.

During a week of intensive work both the ensemble members, its guests and the students participating in the master courses discuss and examine (both in the classrooms and on the concert stage) the current issues of the New Music world while the more experienced musicians teach and enrich the young musicians who seek further development and knowledge in this field.

CEME 2021 will be the festive inauguration event of the new RA'ASH electro-acoustic music center in Tremolo, Netanya where most of the activity will take place. This is part of Meitar Ensemble’s continuous and fruitful collaboration with Tremolo - Israel Percussion center.

Each participant will be required to take part in all the daily group sessions conducted by Mauro Lanza where he will be required to present his work.
In addition, each participant will be offered an opportunity to write a short piece (not exceeding 5 minutes) for one of the festival's concerts. The pieces will be rehearsed and played by the members of Meitar Ensemble or Hashtag Ensemble (Poland). Each participating student will be notified about the instrumentation of his piece and will be put in contact with the players upon the completion of the registration process.

An online participation would be possible In case of health restrictions that will prevent arrival to the master course.

Online participation: 400 Euro + transaction fee.

Details are available at web pages: