MANIFESTE-2020 Mixed Music Interpretation Workshop

Simone Conforti & Sébastien Naves


Submission period

Tue Nov 26, 2019 at 9 AM UTC

End of submission period

Tue Jan 21 at 3 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Mar 17 at 3 PM UTC

June 15-27, 2020, Paris, France




IRCAM's ManiFeste, the rendezvous for creation in Paris, welcome every year around 120 young composers and performers from the world over to take part in the academy, benefitting from a major artistic and technological setting as well as the presence of a large public audience for final performances. In addition, students and auditors can take part in a range of associated events.

During the academy ManiFeste-2020, Simone Conforti, Sébastien Naves (IRCAM computer music designers/professors) propose a workshop, intended for composers, sound engineers, producers, and music computer designers who wish to acquire experience in a professional situation in the musical, technical, rehearsal, and logistical aspects of mixed music concert preparation.
Students will acquire the necessary techniques to master and perform the electronic parts of a mixed music work.
The two weeks, supervised by specialized IRCAM teachers, will consist of group lessons and hands-on studio work. The workshop will focus on specific subjects designed to consolidate production methods for the performance of mixed music works. They will also include an improvisation session (voice and electronics).
The computer music design students will work closely with young singers from the academy, who will present the program of works studied in concert.

The structure for the two weeks:
- Classes in a specially equipped classroom and hands-on workshops in the studio (analysis of the musical writing of pieces related to electronic writing, setting up the material conditions of the concert, "debugging", patch analysis, methodology...).
- Improvisation session for voice and electronics featuring an artistic encounter designed to foster a close relationship on a double performance: a vocal performance with that of electronics.
- Production of a simulation for each work studied during a recording session with the singer in the IRCAM studios.
- Rehearsals (testing the sound diffusion of the works, following and observation of the singer's performance).
- Mixed music concert. Workshop students will ensure the performance of the electroacoustic parts of one of the works of the program, with the participation of the Academy’s student singers.

The repertoire of the works studied is:
Luigi Nono : La Fabbrica Illuminata
Kaija Saariaho : Lohn
Daniel D'Adamo : Lips, your lips
Mauro Lanza : Erba nera che cresci segno nero tu vivi
Jean-Claude Risset : Inharmonique

APPLICATIONS (computer-music designers, sound engineers, composers)

No age requirements
Apply Online: ULYSSES Platform
Applications Accepted: Tuesday, November 26, 2019—Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2020, 16:00 PARIS GMT)
Reply (e-mail): Beginning of March, 2020

Selected applicants must provide proof of their musical knowledge; they must be able to analyze and work on a score, be familiar with contemporary music aesthetics, have intermediate knowledge of programming in Max and use the software regularly. They must have successfully completed IRCAM’s Max course (initiation to musical programming in Max) or provide proof of a level corresponding to the Max tutorials (Basic tutorials #1— 22, Data tutorials #1—5, MIDI tutorials #1—5) and MSP (tutorials #1—31).

Applicants must create an account (or use an existing account) on the ULYSSES platform, complete their profile, and click on “apply” on the “MANIFESTE-2020 Mixed Music Interpretation Workshop” call for applications page. They must:
· Fill out all personal information (name, sex, age, nationality, address, cell phone number, valid ID, photo of the applicant’s face that can be used by IRCAM for access badges)
· Write a short biography (800 characters MAXIMUM) that can be used by IRCAM for concert programs
· List their educational experience, professional experience, awards and scholarships
· Present 2 works they composed or for which they wrote the electronic parts (mp3 audio or video mp4, or score in pdf)
· Provide the link to download a patch they composed (Max or any other real-time software) using the platform of their choice. Please provide a permanent URL that does not require a password.
· Applicants must download the questionnaire on their level of computer literacy (avaliable on and return it with their application online in the “Documents” section

The platform will notify you of any incompleteness before the final submission. Applicants may save their application as a draft before the submission deadline.

Do not forget to finalize your application on clicking on SUBMIT button.

Do not forget to read carefully consent and release form at the end of the form before submitting your application.


The jury includes IRCAM computer music designers/professors Simone Conforti and Sébastien Naves.


Registration fees: 300 €
The academy does not offer any scholarships or housing. Participants must find their own housing.

Selected participants must (under penalty of loss of student status):

· Pay all registration fees in full before Tuesday, March 10, 2020
· Study the work they are assigned: the score, interaction between the singer and the computer music designer, the Max patches
· For the improvisation session with electronics, students must prepare tools for signal processing (at least two treatments) via which it is possible to imagine several creative and sonic possibilities that can react and play with the voice in real-time
· Download, before the academy, a list of software and media that will be sent by the teaching team. Max 8 must be up to date.
· For students who prefer to work in the Live environment during the improvisation session, Ableton Live must be up to date.
· Bring their own laptop computer (preference Mac) and headphones for the workshop.


Selected composers that do not respect the educational team’s guidelines, notably concerning the technical constraints and the dates to submit materials, or those who will be absent either during the first work session or during the workshop, even partially, will automatically be excluded from the workshop. In this case, their registration fees will be not reimbursed


For any request regarding the workshop or the application, please contact academy (at)
For technical assistance, please have a look to the help page or contact technical.assistance (at)