KLANGSPUREN International Ensemble Modern Academy

7.-18. September


Submission period

Wed Jan 29 at 5 AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri May 1 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Wed Jun 10 at 4 PM UTC
Intensive training in the challenges of contemporary music: IEMA‘s master course at the festival Klangspuren Schwaz is designed for young musicians at the end of their professional training. Members of Ensemble Modern as docents, conductor Johannes Kalitzke and Adriana Hölszky as “composer in residence” guarantee a multi-faceted and hands-on approach to key works of contemporary music.

The call for applications is aimed at young musicians from all over the world who are close to finishing their studies and who are interested in taking on the special challenges of twentieth- and twenty-first- century music.

Conducting – flute – oboe – clarinet – bassoon – horn – trumpet – trombone – piano – percussion – violin – viola – violoncello – double bass

Tutors of International Ensemble Modern Academy at the Klangspuren festival 2020: Johannes Kalitzke (conducting), Johannes Schwarz, Dietmar Wiesner (woodwind section), tba (brass section), Hermann Kretzschmar (piano), Rumi Ogawa (percussion), Megumi Kasakawa (high strings), Eva Böcker (low strings)

The International Ensemble Modern Academy at Klangspuren 2020 is again offering an improvisation class. It is being taught by the Berlin-based clarinettist and saxophonist Frank Gratkowski, who has extensive experience in different ways of improvising. This new additional offer in the curriculum is open to everyone interested in improvisation. Students can work together on basic techniques of improvising as well as on models for structuring their improvisations. The results of the rehearsals will be performed both in the improvisation class’s own public concert and also in the so-called Wandelkonzert.

€ 400 (includes: bed & breakfast, participation fees, transfers and meals on concert days)

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