Submission period

Thu Dec 5, 2019 at 9:02 AM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Jan 10 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sat Feb 1 at 5 PM UTC
ARCO – Art, Research and Creation Opus 2020 – is a binational university dedicated to musical creation, association between the Mozarteum University Salzbourg, Gmem-Marseille (one of the French National Center of Musical Creation) and French ensembles Multilaterale, Les Métaboles and Tana string quartet.

This second edition will be hosted by Mozarteum University Salzburg from July 10th to 18th inclusive. It will welcome fourteen young composers from all over the world along with two student string quartets and one assistant conductor. Student composers will be coached by H. Fourès, E.Gutjahr, C. Sebille, J.M. Staud, Y. Robin and E. Reiter and the young string quartets will receive daily coaching with Tana.

Throughout the week, public lectures and concerts will be given at Mozarteum and in partner venues such as Salzburg Museum der Modern and Salzburg Marionette Theater. Written for the occasion, the students’ pieces will be rehearsed, performed and professionaly recorded during two closing concerts.

- The timeline:

Dec 5th : opening of the call
January 10th : deadline for application
February 1st : results

- Requested information for the application process:
a bio, CV and works catalogue as well as 3 of your scores and 3 recordings (NAME OF THE MUSICIANS_TITLE OF THE WORK )

- A photo (with credit)

Details are available at web pages: