8th International Composition Competition

Chamber music works


Submission period

Sat Dec 1, 2018 at 11 PM UTC

End of submission period

Fri Jun 14 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Tue Aug 13 at 4 PM UTC
One of the main aims of the Pablo Casals Festival is to promote new talents, to bring music to life and to animate the world of contemporary creation. Since the creation in 2005 of the International Composition Competition Pablo Casals, more than 600 composers from all over the world (Europe, South Korea, United States, China, South America ...) have proposed an original work, written for a formation of the trio to the sextet. In tribute to Master cellist Pablo Casals, the jury members wanted the cello to be an obligatory instrument.

This summer the 8th International Composition Competition will be held in Prades. Composers from all over the world will compete in a musical joust; the winner’s name will forever be associated with that of Pablo Casals. The competition is a parallel event with the main summer 2019 Pablo Casals Festival itself: the winning work will be selected by a jury of professionals, and its composer will receive a diploma welcoming him or her to the close circle of International Composition Competitions winners.

Details are available at web pages: