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Create your own working group! A way to connect with selected ULYSSES community members about a specific activity or project and to privately or publicly share information, documents, schedules or even comments.


  • 1 member led by Yérri-Gaspar Hummel
    LABUT is a studio to create electroacoustic music in Strasbourg.
  • 1 member led by Carlota Cáceres
    The name comes out from the ancient Chinese game called Tangram, and as in the game the pieces come together creating different forms, Tamgram Project´s musicians come together to create music.
    Everything started in 2010 in the Conservatori Superior de le...  more
  • 50 members led by ManiFeste academy - Ircam
    Dedicated to the participants, active and auditors, in the academy ManiFeste-2016, June 20- July 2, 2016 in Paris
  • 2 members led by Serrano Frederic
    L'objectif de ce groupe de travail est de créer un petit logiciel sous windows 8 capable d'intelligence artificielle (apprend en cours d'expérience):
    - de défnir une échelle musicale (nombre de note illimité, avec altérations)
    - de définir la structure d'...  more
  • 118 members led by Florence Grappin - Ircam
    Developed in the context of the ULYSSES Network project (http://project.ulysses-network.eu/presentation/ ), the ULYSSES platforms have been created to easily iden...  more
  • 55 members led by ManiFeste academy - Ircam
    Dedicated to IRCAM ManiFeste-2015 academy participants, to find and share information, schedule, recommendations, housing opportunities, where to eat in Paris, pictures... anything you like.
    13 August – 07 September 2016
    Master Class in Conducting
    C...  more
  • 3 members led by Mehdi Hosseini
    Saint-Petersburg Contemporary Music Center – reMusik.org
    Located in St. Petersburg, Russia, the organization takes an active role in the organization of innovative projects and supports the promotion of new music. The Center is dedicated to building and e...  more
  • 8 members led by Yérri-Gaspar Hummel
    This group is created by the members of in-vivo electro in residence with Ircam & 104 from 23rd June to 5th July.
    This group is build to stay tuned before and after with the people involved in this project and people who want to join the dynamic.
  • 3 members led by Yérri-Gaspar Hummel
    The collectif of composers "létat latent" give the opportunity for artists, composers and interprets to present their work in Straßburg.
    Please send your piece to be diffuse on exhibitronics and to share it although on our radio talk :